Streets & Common Areas


Common areas or Right of Ways are conveniences used by many, and are usually governed by ordinances. For example, maintenance of property which is considered within the right of way of a residence will likely be the homeowners responsibility to keep in good condition (i.e., lawn maintenance). However, trimming trees in the common area would be the responsibility of the City, or if power lines are present, a combination of City staff and the affiliated power company.

This can be confusing. The following provides information on handling and contact points. More detail on each can be obtained by review of City Ordinances.

Citations or Tickets - Several of the City downtown parking areas have time limits. If the time limit is exceeded, a parking citation may result. Tickets issued due to moving violations are handled by the county Clerk of the Circuit Court.

Street Maintenance - Maintaining streets, including the fixing of potholes, can vary from resident upkeep on private roads, to city, county or state maintenance on public roads. If you would like to report a pothole, please click here for our online form.

Street Light Problems - If your street light malfunctions, the power company who services your home is the power company that also provides street lighting.

Sidewalks - If repair of a section of sidewalk is needed, please contact the Public Works Department at (352) 726-2321 or by email.

Trees - If a tree is in the right of way and is in need of attention, the Public Works Department should be contacted at (352) 726-2321, or by email.