Animal Control

The City of Inverness follows the Citrus County Code of Ordinances relative to pets. To put it simply, residents who own pets are responsible to keep their animal controlled at all times. Taking "Fido" for a walk requires a leash and "Kitty" will need to be restrained if allowed to explore the backyard jungle.

Living in an area that respects nature and the environment, it's probably not surprising that a wide range of "critters" find Inverness and Citrus County home. Besides the occasional domestic cat or dog in the neighborhood, residents may see or hear animals which can be considered a nuisance or dangerous to the neighborhood.

While the Citrus County Sheriff's Office provides Animal Control services for the City of Inverness, not all loose or nuisance animals are handled by the Sheriff's Office. Animal Control officers work 7 days a week from 7am-9pm and are 'on call' for emergencies by dialing 911.

Alligator - A protected species and laws pertaining to them are enforced by the Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission, (888) 404-3922. The Sheriff's Animal Control Officers are not permitted or equipped to respond to, handle or remove alligators.

Wild Foxes, or other non-domesticated species - Requests for removal of nuisance wildlife should be referred to a private nuisance trapper. More information about wildlife and removal of nuisance animals can be found on the Florida Fish & Wildlife site. In cases where the wildlife appears to be sick or injured, the Sheriffs Office Animal Control Officers will assist.

Stray dog, cat or other domestic animal - Dial the non-emergency number for Sheriff's Office dispatch, (352) 726-1121, 24 hours a day; however, if it is an emergency involving an animal, dial 911.

What about Barking Dogs?

Complaints involving nuisance barking (continued howling, barking or whining, without provocation) may be reported to the Sheriff's Office via 726-1121.