Commercial Sanitation

Changes to Commercial Accounts

We are pleased to announce changes to the solid waste program to improve the value, better track services, and to reduce litter and illegal dumping.

The City of Inverness requires by ordinance that any owner or tenant of any commercial unit must subscribe to this service. The fact that any place of business is occupied is prima facie evidence that refuse is being produced and accumulated upon such premises and that fees for the collection and disposal of refuse are due.
Collection days will remain the same and only waste placed in an approved cart or dumpster will be collected. Items on the ground, in bags on the ground, or in any way outside of the cart will not be collected and will cause your account service level to be reevaluated to meet the demand.

Additional changes involve a transition from Waste Management to the City of Inverness for billing and collection purposes only. GFL will provide service to pick-up refuse. This change will occur seamlessly without disruption to service. Sanitation charges will be included on your current Utility account. New customers will be required to pay an account deposit fee; however existing sanitation system customers will not be charged a deposit fee as long as the account is kept current. If the account becomes delinquent, a deposit fee of $50 will be added to the following month's bill. Commercial accounts will also be required to complete and sign a sanitation contract. You can do so by stopping by the Finance Department or mailing a copy with the required deposit.

We are here to help if you have any questions regarding your account, these changes, or if any issues develop concerning the containers, please contact the Public Works Department at (352) 726-2321, Finance Department at (352) 726-5016 or Development Services at (352) 726-3401 or email.

Hand Stop

Program modifications beginning on January 1st will standardize the container used for commercial curbside (can service) accounts. All commercial customers currently using carts, cans, or bags will receive a City provided standardized cart. The standardized cart allows for a more efficient service, and actually increases the amount of solid waste that may be collected for the same cost. Carts will provide a uniform, neat appearance to the City where used during garbage collection, and improve the ability to verify customer service levels.

Downtown Historic District

Those businesses located in the downtown historic district are required to use the shared compactors. Fees will be based on a shared dumpster classification rates. If you feel that you should not be included in the shared compactors; exemption requests can be acquired and submitted through the Finance Department at (352) 726-5016. Please place trash in the on compactor on the left. The compactor on the right is for recyclables only. Please note that the area is under surveillance and all unauthorized dumping will be investigated. This measure will ensure that all who utilize this disposal location will pay a fair share.