Oak Ridge Cemetery

This small but picturesque cemetery dates back to the 1800's and continues to be a final resting place for former area residents. One can experience a walk through time by noting the range of dates on the various markers.

Being reminded that the grounds are sacred and devoted to the burial of loved ones creates an appreciation for the serenity and heritage of the cemetery. The serene setting adds to the beauty of our city and for many of our citizens, it is a place to visit their loved ones and just sit and reflect on times gone by.

Oak Ridge Cemetery

The Oak Ridge Cemetery encompasses 22 acres(+/-) of land, located approximately within 1 mile of the downtown business district. The cemetery can be found on both sides of West Hill Street, on the south side from South Line Avenue to South Seminole Avenue, and on the north side from South Line Avenue to South Citrus. In January 2024, the first Oak Ridge Cemetery granite columbarium was completed for the above ground inurnment of cremated remains. It is located near the South end of Osceola Avenue and Relief Street. Sales have started with several Rights to Inurnment purchased. More and more people are choosing cremation, but until now there has not been a place at the Cemetery for above ground placement. The 48-niche columbarium is a feature the Cemetery had not previously offered. Each niche is 12" x 12" and can accommodate up to 2 cremated remains. Sales and memorialization/personalization of a niche with names and dates are handled through the City Clerk's Office. 

The City of Inverness assumed the ownership of the Oak Ridge Cemetery in the early 1980's from the Cemetery Association and has operated it for the benefit of its citizens in a non-profit manner. 


Further questions regarding Oak Ridge Cemetery can be directed to the City Clerk's office by dialing (352) 726-2611, Ext. 1007 or by email.