Water & Sewer Services

Not all areas within the City limits are connected to the sewer system or water system and conversely, there are areas outside the City limits that receive City water. The Water & Sewer section provides information and methods to set-up, modify or cancel services, how to conserve, landscaping watering rules and much, much more.

While the City of Inverness is fortunate to be located on a generous aquifer with fresh springs providing millions of gallons of water per minute, protection of these natural resources is key to the future vision of Inverness. With the assistance of state and regional support, in May of 2010, the City proudly unveiled upgrades to the wastewater plant. Renamed the Water Reclamation Facility, the operation can transform one million gallons of waste water each day to a product suitable for irrigation purposes.

Let's Talk Service

  • To establish water and sewer service or to obtain answers on a water and sewer bill, contact the Finance Department via email or by dialing (352) 726-5016.
  • Questions concerning water quality, a leak or meter issues can be solved by contacting the Public Works Department at (352) 726-2321 Monday through Friday, 8am-5pm. 
    If it is an Emergency and offices are closed, dial (352) 201-1764.
  • If you are developing a parcel of land, contact the Community Development Services at (352) 726-3401 to assist with water/sewer line location and any building considerations.
  • If you have a research request for lien payoffs please review our online guide.

In order for the City to provide the best service possible, the following forms are used to maintain your account. For more information please call (352) 726-5016.

Water/Sewer Contract: Used to establish an account for water and/or sewer services. 

Third Party Authorization Form: To protect your privacy.

Water/Sewer Cancellation Form: For tenants to discontinue water and/or sewer services or for owners to shut off water and be billed monthly availability fees complete and return this form to the Finance office; else complete the Online version. 

Change of Address Form: To change the billing address for water and/or sewer services, submit this document to the Finance office. An Online version is also available.